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Fuller Museum, Brocton, MA

Someone asked where my work might be found in public collections:

Octopuses are among the most amazing creatures on Earth, and I have long found them intriguing. I thought I might be able to pull off depicting one in marquetry if I could get the suckers to look right.

I needed a set of woods for the skin of the animal and I chose satinwood as a base tone. The suckers could then be in the whiter family (holly, maple, birch, etc.).

Aquarium 2” has a lifting top and I imagined it as storage for sweaters, etc. The top is partially open and there is a carved satinwood tentacle coming out that serves as a handle.

The brighter colors on the fish are reconstituted stone.

Aquarium 2 was purchased by the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, Massachusetts about five or six years ago. The Fuller has a superb collection of objects in wood, glass, fiber, clay, and metal.

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