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Private collections

Occasionally when I would get a commission I would make two because then the cabinet parts could be made more efficiently. this isn’t the case with the marquetry because the pictures are all always unique.

In this case i had a client for a cabinet with a cage (Jailbreak) like jailbreak. It was up to me to decide what to have making the escape. Birds were an obvious choice. How about a reptile?

I had recently started using reconstituted stone. In this product the stone is ground to a powder and then glued back together in block. This block can be sawn and used like veneers. It’s harder than wood but softer than metals like brass or copper.

The bright colors in these two doors are the reconstituted stone. The basic woods of the Chameleon Cabinet are satinwood and mahogany. The Parrot cabinet is walnut burl and walnut.

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