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Nest of Birds

I wanted to make a really complex marquetry picture with lots of detail. I had done many birds previously and thought they made an excellent subject. For this piece I wanted to put the picture at a height where it…

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Cognac cabinet

This small cabinet had several interesting elements. The marquetry door was to look partly open. It needed to be built in a "pocket" in the front. The play of the cast shadows was important in creating the three-dimensional illusion. These…

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Jailbreak fits into the "open cupboard" troupe l'oeil pieces that i have been exploring for  a long time. It's a little different in that there is no depiction of a glass door or a solid door, but a wire cage…

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Pierre Ramond

Pierre Ramond In 1987 I was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship. I wanted to do something special with the money. I contacted the author of a book on marquetry who taught at the celebrated École Boulle in…

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Coffee table

My first forays into marquetry furniture were modeled on the French Art Nouveau. I used the floral designs that had been jewelry box tops and made bigger panels. Pictures for coffee tables were about four feet long. The table members…

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