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Musée de l’École de Nancy

When I first started making marquetry I focused on jewelry boxes French Art Nouveau was my inspiration. I had seen this picture of a box by Émile Galle from around 1900 and thought it to be the ultimate box. It featured marquetry and carving. This was where I hoped furniture might one day take me.

The marquetry here is done on curved panels. This keeps the box from being stiff. the motif is tulips. They are asymmetrically applied to the panel and this makes the work look more natural. Naturalism was a goal of the Art Nouveau.

Notice the corners of the box. Here the tulip motif is repeated, but this time in carving.

Years after having had this picture seared into my brain I finally had a chance to visit the Musée de l’École de Nancy and see this piece. What a treat!

Art Nouveau
1. Louis Majorelle
2. Majorelle chair
3. Gallé box
4. Majorelle piano
5. Marquetry workshop of Louis Majorelle
6. Majorelle cabinet
7. Aube et Crépuscule (Dawn and Dusk)
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