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Jailbreak fits into the “open cupboard” troupe l’oeil pieces that i have been exploring for  a long time. It’s a little different in that there is no depiction of a glass door or a solid door, but a wire cage door that looks partly open. To keep the front flat the doors had to be built into a pockets that included not just the carcase but the drawer fronts as well.

The “wire ” of the cage was constructed by laminating four or five different yellow-toned veneers into an approximately 1/8″ sandwich. This stack was then replaced into strips. Because of the different tones the piece looks rounded and not flat, as it would look if there were just a single piece of wood used. The marquetry of the birds was cut and laid up and then the “bars” added as an inlay.

The solid wood is mahogany and the carcase veneer is a figured cut of mahogany.

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