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Louis Majorelle

Majorelle is an early influence on my work and one of my favorite designers. He worked in Nancy, France at the turn of the 20th century and was a major Art Nouveau artist. he mixed marquetry with carving to create very interesting furniture.

Here is an unusual chair that that has a floral marquetry image on the back and repeats the motif on the upholstery.

Of special note is the tapering and twisting of the fluting on the legs. I don’t think there is any other way of making these than hand carving them. It shows the attention to detail and the idea that Majorelle would not stop short of putting out the very best product he could.

Art Nouveau
1. Louis Majorelle
2. Majorelle chair
3. Gallé box
4. Majorelle piano
5. Marquetry workshop of Louis Majorelle
6. Majorelle cabinet
7. Aube et Crépuscule (Dawn and Dusk)
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