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private collection

I have done many cabinets with this format. Upright, single marquetry door. This was one of the more elaborate ones.

The cabinet itself had shaped cabriole legs with an inlay running up the corners. There were curved sabots added to the bottoms of the legs. The panels were made from madrone burl, which tonally match the solid cherry. There is a darker inlay on the right side indicating the cast shadow of the trompe l’oeil door.

The marquetry door is set in a pocket to keep the front flat with the cabinet face. There is a push button on the apron to pop open the door.

The objects in the marquetry are a ceramic tea set. I added the checkerboard pattern to help make the objects in the set to appear round. The checks get smaller and smaller as they go to the sides. The white checks were done with four or five different woods to enhance the shaded effect.

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