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I met in Wendell Castle in 1973 about a year after graduating from college. I was introduced by Richard Newman, a furniture maker whose work I had seen and admired. I had hoped for a possibility of working for Richard, but he had a helper and didn’t need anyone at the time. But he said, “Let me introduce you to the guy I used to work for.” That was Wendell Castle. I had never heard of him and certainly didn’t realize his stature in the furniture world. But I was blown away and asked him for a job. He didn’t have anything at that point but i called every three months or so and after about a year my persistence paid off and he called me.

I worked for Wendell for a little more than two years. It was a great opportunity and we remained friends. He died in 2018 and this picture might have been taken the last time I saw him. It was at a Furniture Society conference in Philadelphia.

If you don’t know his work I suggest a quick Google search. You, too, will be blown away.

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